Day 7 - 02/07/2002 - Italy

Drove from Uncle Frank's to Uncle Luke's.  Had to stop past cousin Patricia's house to collect something, so went to look at the nearby beach.  Different from Australia.  Instead of sand, they have rocks/pebbles.  Many parts of many beaches are private and you have to pay thousands of dollars a year to rent "your spot" - and lots of people do.

Went to Tivoli, a place famous for a massive estate full of fountains etc.  The fountains were beautiful, and it was a hot day, so it was good to use the water to cool down. Frank bought me a good hat that will be helpful for shielding me from the sun.

MOVIE: Tivoli Fountain [MPG 170KB], Tivoli Estate [MPG 620KB]

Visited the Palestrina museum and enjoyed the view of Palestrina from the top of the mountain.

Stopped at Uncle Frank's "bachelor pad" - the place he uses to get away when he wants some time to himself.

Had dinner at Uncle John-Carlo's house.  Beautiful meal.  It was fun watching his "dog" play with his cat.  The dog picks up the cat with his mouth and carries it around - if I can get some good footage of this, I will send it in to "Funniest Home Videos"

MOVIE: Billy (The Dog) Carrying The Cat (In His Mouth) [MPG 590KB]

Lots of my relatives have gracious given me lots gifts and money for my trip which has been very much appreciated.  I will miss them.