Day 49 - 13/08/2002 - Sydney Australia (Home)

Today I arrived home in Sydney.  Mum faithfully picked me up from the airport, and to my surprise, Clint and Julie were there too (wow, they made the effort to make two very early mornings in two months - much appreciated).

We went home and had some breakfast.  It was nice to be back in a familiar and stable environment.

Later in the morning, Emily and Daniel Cole dropped past to drop off my car (which I had lent to them while I was away) - I had forgotten that they had my car until Emily contacted me to arrange its return.

After the visits, I decided to have some relaxation time ... so I switched on the TV ... I had missed Tracey and Sami, but I still find Steve annoying - I am talking about Australia's Today show if you did not realise - I was shocked to see that they had been catapulted into the 23rd century when I saw the new set design that was implemented during my absence.  High Five came on and I quickly changed channels.  It was good to see that Good Morning Australia's set had not changed in my absence, but Bert's hair is looking more fake than before I left ... in fact, it is looking the same colour as my hair at the moment.  Bert is as funny as always.  You have to love Australian weekday morning television.

It was nice to be on my own bed for the first time in 50 days.

So, at the end of my trip I had to reflect on how well things have gone for me:

I have travelled around the world in 50 days and have been able to see many countries and experience many cultures while meeting many people ...

without getting mugged (expect for the guy who tapped me on the shoulder and asked for money) ....

without losing anything (except for my sunglasses on the last day) ...

without getting sick (except for my back hurting after doing two days of amusement park rides).

Overall, I thank God for looking after me during my holiday.