Day 48 - 12/08/2002 - Pacific Ocean

Today's diary entry is relatively uneventful ... it was not a full day and it is the only day of my trip which does not have any photos.

I lost a lot of time in the air, flying over the Pacific Ocean crossing many time zones.  Fortunately, my body coped quite well.  I had a few short naps on the plane and I did not feel too tired or confused by the time difference - hopefully jet lag will not have too big an effect.  I feel asleep towards the end of one of the in-flight movies, and I thought that I had only missed the last five minutes of the movie, so I asked the guy next to me what happened after I feel asleep ... I told him what I last remembered and he told me that there was still about half the movie left!  Maybe keeping the head phones on my head confused me into thinking I saw almost all the movie).

The guy next to me was nice and it turned out that he was travelling to Sydney for a convention.  He does artworks for the cards in the "Magic" card game and there was a big world tournament in Sydney (at Fox Studios) over the next week or so.  Co-incidentally, there were at least 7 other people on the plane that were travelling to compete in the tournament.  He showed me some of his artworks and they were really good.  I think I know some people that would have loved to have met him and had something signed.

I was stupid and forgot to pack my sleeping mask and travel pillow, which made the trip less comfortable as it could have been.  I could not believe that this was the time when these items would have been most useful to me, and I forgot to put them in my carry-on bag.  On the other hand, I did organise to sit in emergency exit seat so I could have more leg room and this made a big difference.  Anyhow, I managed to rest a bit and I am sure I will adjust over the next few days.