Day 45 - 09/08/2002 - Los Angeles USA

Today I went to another fun park ... "Knott's Berry Farm".  There were a few fun parks to choose from - I decided not to go to Disney's California Adventure (based on people's recommendation) and I could have gone to a water park, but it really came down to Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain.  Magic Mountain is meant to have the most extreme rides and it probably where I would have preferred to try, but it was a lot further away and cost a lot more money and time to get there, so I decided on Knott's Berry Farm for today and thought I could go to Magic Mountain another day (if I like).  In retrospect, I think I made the right decision, because the rides at Knott's were extreme enough for me and I was tired by half way through the day (after doing Disneyland yesterday).

Knott's was good - in fact I enjoyed the rides more than Disneyland - the rides were more modern.  First, I went on their newest ride ... the Xcelerator which goes from 0 to 130 km/h in 2.3 seconds!  It goes 20 stories straight up and 20 stories straight down.  Most roller coasters slowly send you up a ramp to send to quickly down a drop, but this ride uses a different technique by sending you spending away at the very beginning of the ride.  It was fun, but I think the ride might be dangerous because at the end of the ride I could feel the blood pumping through my body ... not a good sign.

Another good ride was the Perilous Plunge, where you have a big drop into water ... you are guaranteed to get drenched on this ride ... and I did, but I did not mind because the heat was unbearable ... we are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment and they are very challenging days to go to fun parks - standing in lines in the sun.  I guess I will never complain again about Californian summers not being as hot as I expected - this day exceeded my expectations (however, I was told that the coastline was still about 5 degrees cooler).

Another ride worth mentioning was the Ghost Rider which is supposedly the best wooden frame roller coast in the world - I do not understand why people love wooden frame rollercoasters, like they are too bumpy, but some people love this feeling for some reason ... it can't be good for your back.

For lunch I had all you can eat at Aunty Pasta's Pizza Place. The pizza was ok, but "all-you-can-eat" is not a good idea when you are at a fun park with rides.

I also saw some shows at Knott's that we ok, but not worth mentioning.

At night, I had dinner with Robin and Travis from Las Vegas (who live close to the hotel).  It was pretty convenient because Travis had left his sunglasses with me yesterday and they had to come to collect them anyhow. We went to a steakhouse down the road that was famous for their ribs.  According to Robin and Travis' recommendation, I tried the ribs and they were beautiful - I am craving for some more right now.

After dinner, we went to Downtown Disney - a shopping/food fair next to Disneyland.  It was nice to walk through and there were some good street performers.  We ended up playing some arcade games and having a fun time.  It was great to spend more time with Robin and Travis - it was quite co-incidental to have met them in Las Vegas and then it turned out that they lived very close to where I was staying.

After going on all fun park rides for the last two days, it was discomforting to have conversations with people and finding out that people have died on some of the rides I had just been on!  Oh well, the last few days at the fun parks have been fun, but somehow I think I would have enjoyed them more as a kid.