Day 44 - 08/08/2002 - Los Angeles USA

Today another one of my childhood dreams came true ... I went to Disney Land ... a long day, considering that Disneyland is opened from 8am to 11pm during this school holiday period.  I went with a number of people who all wanted their names mentioned, so in alphabetical order, the Disneyland day was spent with Fran, Robin, Sandra, Susan and Travis.  It was great to spend more time with people that I have met while travelling around the world and to meet new people like Fran who has the fantastic English humour that I love ... we spent a bit of time joking about the "tacky" side of Disneyland (much to the disgust of some Americans).

I am not sure what to say about Disneyland.  It is sort of overwhelming, but not as overwhelming as I thought, that is, it was not as enormous as I thought ... I guess there are many other fun parks that are a similar if not larger size.  Although there were some great rides here, I got the feeling that some of the rides are a bit dated compared to some of the other fun parks that have been built in recent years.  I was utterly amazed at how good some of the rides were, considering that some of the are about 50 years old - I can not imagine how impressive they must have been when they were first built.  One good things was that the lines were not too long and there is a system called "Fast Pass" which helps get you into rides without waiting in lines - good work Disney ... and once you get on the rides, I found that all of them were worth the wait in term of the fact that they are relatively long rides (in other words, you do not have to wait a long time and find out that it is only a 30 second ride).  One other thing that was worth noting is that a lot of the rides have section where you go through "displays" (like a train ride going through a display of mannequins doing things) and I have to say that the quality of these wax models etc were very good and very convincing.

It was good to have some people with me who have been to Disneyland countless times, because they were able to help us navigate through the park quickly and get to all the better rides.  Some of my favourites were "Space Mountain" (a very fast roller coaster ride in the dark), "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience" (a 3D movie with a few surprises that I will not spoil for you), "Matterhorn Bobsleds" (another roller coaster) and "Indiana Jones Adventure" (a ride with a few surprises like the Indiana Jones movies).

Overall, I have a great day spending time with all these people and I was glad that we all got along really well together.

Disneyland was not as good as I expected ... it was not the best day of my life (like I hoped it would be ever since I was a child), but I had a great day and would still recommend it to others ... I mean, how can you come to Los Angeles and not visit Disneyland?

It is great to have met people from all around the world and to then be able to go to they home lands and spend time with them there.  I have made some really good friends on this trip and feel as though I know someone in almost every part of the world now ... hmmm, more of an excuse to have another holiday.