Day 40 - 04/08/2002 - Los Angeles, Los Vegas USA

Obviously, some campers do not realise that other people can hear your conversations ... in the middle of the night, some people camping next to us decided to have a family disputer between there tents (at the top of their voices) ... they somehow thought that no one else could hear them?  In the morning, the whole story become more clear as I heard the family laughing as they retold the story ... it seems as thought the lovely mother vomited all over her son in the middle of the night and no one could be bothered getting up and cleaning anything so they just slept in the vomit!  Disgusting!  Somehow, they found this funny!

Today was a sad day (in some ways) because it was the end of our Suntrek tour.  All the people on this tour were really nice and I wish that I could have spent more time with them - what is especially difficult is that most of us live in different places in the world ... oh well, this is a good excuse for another holiday.

One of the funny topics of conversation that I had with some of the people from the tour was in regards to my Hawaii shirt that I wore on the first day ... some people loved it while other hates it (by the way that they were joking about it, it seems as though they were struggling to hold back the projectile vomiting) ... I just thought that it was interesting that a shirt could be loved and hated at the same time by different people.

After the tour, some of us went and spent more time at Venice beach while we waited for our flights.  Some people got temporary tattoos and bought other items from the side stalls.  I got a piece of pizza on the way up the beach line ... and another piece on the way back ... and another piece when I went past the shop again ... it was 99c for a massive slice (about one quarter of a pizza) and it was delicious - as you can tell I found it hard to resist again ... and again.

I took the short plane flight to Las Vegas and started to feel very tired ... I had just finished my second tour and have been away from home (with busy days and nights) for 40 days now.  I was by myself for the first time in ... I can not remember.  I felt like sleeping, but as I arrive at Las Vegas, the lights and more lights woke me up ... my eyes lit up and I got excited ... but when I finally got to my room (after having to walk through what seemed like miles of slot machines) I lied down and decided it was time to recharge (my body not my batteries) ... although Las Vegas looks like one of the most exciting places in the world, I need to rest to fully enjoy it and I decided to sleep and leave the rest of Las Vegas until tomorrow.