Day 4 - 29/06/2002 - Singapore, Frankfurt Germany, Rome Italy

Hmmm, did not get much sleep because there was a lot of noise - I thought there were renovations going on in the hotel, but actually it was someone snoring.

Had McDonalds for breakfast - unsurprisingly, it was exactly the same as in Sydney.

Went to Raffles Hotel again, I got into the foyer (since I had long pants on for a change) - used their toilet ... it was nice :)

Went for a ride around the city on a Pedi cab (like a cab, but on a bike).  Managed to find the oldest and slowest bike rider in the world, who almost died while driving us around the city.  These drivers are notorious for ripping passengers off. At the beginning, I made it very clear that we were only going to give him S$5 - he said ok and I said that we wanted to finish our ride outside our hotel (Allson) and he agreed.  We ended up outside a different hotel (because he was tired) and he claimed that it "was" the Allson hotel.  We gave him the S$5 and then he wanted S$5 from each of us ... I thought we were going to have a massive argument on the street, but he backed down.  Also, he almost killed us because he decided to peddle the wrong way down a one way street (into oncoming traffic).

MOVIE: Pedi Taxi - Almost Getting Killed [JPG 235KB]

Smoothly checked into Singapore airport.  They had FREE high-speed internet access for people with laptops.  Plugged in and everything worked like a dream straight away ... very impressed.

Got excellent seat on the plane (emergency exit seats with ample leg room).  On the plane, watched "John Q", "Monsters Ball", "Clockstoppers" and Austin Powers (again - I can never get sick of this movie - I think our unstoppable laughter woke up several other passengers).

Stopped at Frankfurt Germany Airport (for a plane transfer).  First place where English is not the primary language.  Their language sounds very abrupt.  Every time I hear them talk, it sounds like they are arguing/unhappy.

Arrived in Italy.  Surprisingly, there were lots of my relatives at the airport.  This was a really nice surprise, because I did not realise they would be there.  They even had  a sign made up for me, saying "Joseph Renzi".  Drove to my Uncle Franco's house (approx 7 km outside of Rome).  This uncle Frank looks like Tom Jones!! From memory, the uncle we stay with tomorrow looks like Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I.).  The trip from the airport was an experience ... they like to drive fast around here, and you do not need to wear seat belts.  Also, it seems as though three lane roads can often have five cars trying to drive next to each other.

My relatives are really nice.  They speak "some" English, but trying to communicate it fun.

Managed to do almost 20 hours of flying without sleeping, and the supposed jet lag does seem to have caused any problems for me ... yet.