Day 39 - 03/08/2002 - San Diego, Los Angeles USA

This morning included cleaning a lot of the camping equipment (to make it easier to a have a quick get away on the last day - tomorrow).

First stop was the old town area and we saw a free street show and went to an old train station that looked pretty good for a train station - looked more like a nice hotel foyer.

The we stopped at the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign and we got a great group photo from on top of the bus.  Apparently, each of the letters of the HOLLYWOOD sign are owned by famous movie stars (probably at a very high cost).

We then went to Hollywood Boulevard and visited the Chinese Theatre where you can see all the handprints/footprints from famous people.  I got to put my hands and feet in the same place that Arnold Schwarzenegger once was  (he is a bit of a hero of mine) ... I felt pretty good until the girl next to me (from the tour) told me that her dad has shaken Arnold Schwarzenegger's hand in person (before he was famous).

We went along Sunset Boulevard and visited the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel where pretty woman was filmed ... we had to go inside because Karin (from the tour) had left a jacket there a while ago ... she did not leave the jacket there in one of the rooms, because she never stayed there ... she went in there once just to use the toilets and accidentally her jacket behind.  Anyhow, after waiting a while they could not find the right jacket (even though they thought they had positively identified it over the phone) ... hopefully they will find it and mail it to her.

For dinner we went to Ed Debevic's - an unusual restaurant the prides itself on bad service.  It is a restaurant the claims to have bad service ... in fact, they aim to give bad service ... it is all part of the gimmick of making it different from other restaurants ... but the staff are actually really cool - they are like inspiring actors that "pretend" to give bad service (eg. they talk really rude to you and throw your knife and forks on the table etc) ... the waiters/actors also do performances every now and again when some special music starts playing (a bit like Bobby McGee's was like) ... surprisingly it is very funny and a really enjoyable time.  My food was average for a good price ... the highlight was a double chocolate malt milkshake with Oreos and Kaluah - it was fantastic.  We got our dessert for free (thanks to Stefan who was "friendly" with the owner) - we all got "The World's Smallest Ice-Cream Sundae" and got to keep the glass for free as a souvenir.

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