Day 37 - 01/08/2002 - Los Angeles, San Diego USA

I got up early this morning so that I could relax by myself for a while ... it was great ... I got to have a shower all to myself (not that we have to share actually shower cells, but what I mean is that no one else was using any showers so I had full water pressure and hot water) and the shower heads here have different settings for massaging etc (which is pretty good for a camp site).  I then got to use the internet for free from the campsite office and then had a full body massage on an automatic massaging chair (which was fantastic) while watching cable TV on a big screen TV ... if I had more time I would have used the spa (hot tub) too - as you can probably tell, this is a pretty good campsite ... but it is not just the campsite that is well equipped, the campers themselves are very well equipped ... I walk through the campsite and see lots of people talking on mobile phones, others on laptops and vans are connected to satellite dishes and cable television ... some of these campers live better and more technological advanced lives than some people living in brick houses - at at the same time they are travelling around the world on a constant holiday - I think it would be a good lifestyle in many ways.

We drove to San Diego and got stuck in a traffic jam (apparently, this is typical of Los Angeles), so we fell a bit behind schedule, but we still got plenty of time at Mission Beach (one of San Diego's main beaches).

It was fun to go to the beach with some Europeans that hardly ever get to go to the beach and had never been on a body-board ... it was fun teaching the girls how to use the body-board and they did really well and we all had fun.  The beach was similar to an Australian beach, but the weather in California has been very far below my expectation ... it is nowhere near as hot as Australia in summer ... it is more like our spring or autumn - apparently this is because there are often clouds in the Californian summer (because of the landscape) and this does not let as much sunlight through ... or maybe we have just had a few bad days (but my tour guide says this is normal weather for California) - I will choose an Australian summer day at the beach anytime.

We arrived at our our new caravan park, or RV Park (Recreation Vehicle Park) as they call it here, and it is as good (if not better) than our previous campsite which was excellent.  We started to unload the mini-bus and Stefan, our tour guide, decided to be silly ... he started to throw light items (like sleeping bags) off from the top of the bus (for us to catch) ... he then looked at my heavy bag and picked it up and swang it in the air (pretending to throw it), but the momentum took hold of him and the bag and he could not stop it ... the bag and Stefan came flying from the top of the bus ... luckily, we caught my bag, however we missed Stefan and he fell on the ground (unhurt, I think).  This would have been an excellent movie camera opportunity to win funny home videos, but I missed it.

Afterwards, I told Stefan that he broke something in my bag ... for the first time I saw him looking very serious ... he was going to organise to pay for it until we all started laughing and he realised it was a joke.  He told me that his heart was beating very quickly.

At night, some of us went to the spa - it was hot and bubbly - a got a good massage. For dinner we had pasta, but for the first time I think we ran out ... we could have put more on the stove but we could not be bothered.  Anyhow, we did have some marshmallows, but they do not always satisfy hunger - I think the sugar makes you more hungry. After dinner, we played UNO with the addition some extra rules ... we all had our own rules and we ended up combining them, so beside the usual additions of building up "Draw 2" and "Draw 4" cards, we had a whole lot of new rules, the craziest (in my opinion) was that when you play a zero, everybody has to pass their cards to the person on their left.

This trip has confirmed my love of zip-off pants ... they are the travellers dream (especially people that are camping or travelling for a while through different weather conditions) - they have been very good for this trip, however, due to popular demand, I may be phasing them out of my wardrobe when I return, because they seem to have built the reputation of being as casual as tracksuit pants.

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