Day 35 - 30/07/2002 - Cachuma Lakes, Solvang, Malibu Beach Los Angeles USA

Yes, waking up after sleeping on a hard floor is always a lot of fun ... I had forgot how comfortable it is to be camping. 

First stop was Solvang - small community of Danish people who live in Danish houses ... the area also has windmills and wooden clogs, but more importantly, they are famous for a special dish ... pancake balls!  They are beautiful.  We ordered a whole lot of them and sat on the sidewalk sharing them and other beautiful pastries cooked at the local bakery.  One of the girls leaned over to give me a bite of her pastry, but when she leaned back, her face landed into a custard pie (being held by someone else who was returning one of her other pastries) ... we were have a joyous time ... that is, until we were interrupted by some weirdo  - at first I thought he might have been a sales person trying to sell us something, but as the conversation progressed it turned out that he was just chatting to us - I would not normally mind (I mean I love talking to strangers) - but this guys was not talking intelligently at all (drugs?) and he was not even listening to us when we talked (he was just babbling to us) ... anyhow, at least he was "peaceful" and did not harm us (well not physically anyhow).

We had a bit of a bus trip today, because we decided to do some driving and make to to some destinations that we would like to spend more time at ... however, the time in the bus was a lot of fun ... we managed to play some games - including volley ball.

We went to sunny California's beaches - including Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach.  Walking along this area is quite entertaining - there are all kinds of weird people doing weird things to try and get you to donate money to them (for example, a guy dressed in a combo star wars storm trooper and drug addict hippie outfit on rollerblades playing an electric guitar) ... there are also a whole lot of people doing absolutely no entertainment and still asking you for money (people walking past you generally just ask you for money (just for the heck of it?) - the worst of which, was a guy who came up behind me and tap me on the shoulder (almost pushing me over) saying "Did you hear me?" (I had a puzzled look on my face) and then he said "Can you spare a dollar?" I know that there people who ask you for money, but I think physical contact is a bit unnecessary. 

This scenic beach area also includes countless temporary tattoo parlours (which tempted a number of people from our group) and some places to eat.

At the beach, we also got to play an excellent game of beach volley ball at the place where "Bay Watch" was filmed, which was a lot of fun ... we also got to kick around my hacki-sack, but I think we all need to practice a bit more.

At camp, we decided to have a light dinner which included corn (which was surprisingly filling) - we then stayed up late, having a lot of laughs and had a walk along the beach.

I am impressed at how well everyone gets along with each other.  Also, we work well as a team.  We have had to do some group food shopping and we have done it very quickly (way above my expectation) ... sometimes in less than 10 minutes!  This is a good thing - it could be a lot lot worse.

MOVIE: Day 35 [MPG 250KB]