Day 34 - 29/07/2002 - Pascadero, Cachuma Lakes USA

Breakfast at the campsite was way above my expectations.  We had a full buffet breakfast ... camping style.  Basically, I had a lot of cereal including honey nut cheerios with banana, blueberry bagels with smackers raspberry jelly (jam) and toasted bread with cheese.

Again, packing up the site was relatively easy as the whole group really works very well together ... but since I am one of only two males on the tour, I need to lift a lot the heavy luggage onto the roof of the bus.

We travelled to sunny Monterey beach ... well, there was sun, but the winds were quite cold, so we did not go for a full swim, but some of us wet over feet (and our feet nearly fell off) ... we were assured by some locals that as soon as we head further south, the weather will be warmer and we will have better beach weather.  Our tour guide, Stefan, then got us some water melon that we devoured on the beach ... luckily it was seedless (I don't know why anyone would eat anything but seedless watermelons these days).

We drove along a very scenic area called the Big Sur and stopped for lunch in a national park (Big Sur Pfeiffer)

We did a stop at Point Lobos to see some sea lions.  It was a pretty place and the seals were making a lot of noise (as usual) - it was never ending and we wondered if they made all this noise 24 hours a day?  (Too bad for the locals)  We also got attacked by some small animal ... one of the girls was carrying a banana peel, and a small squirrel jumped out of nowhere and tried to steal it from her.

We set up camp at Cachuma Lakes which had an amazing view.  I went to the water with Karin and she asked a fisherman if the water was cold to put her feet in?  He then explained that it was drinking water and you were not allowed to make any bodily contact with the water ... we found this a bit ironic since there were lots of fishermen driving their dirty boats around in the same water ... I found it a bit offensive that they may have been suggesting that I was more dirty than their boats.

For dinner, we went into Santa Barbara and got some Mexican food ... I thought it was nice, but some other people did not like it so much ... some of them were especially concerned about how the tents were going to smell that night (after eating bean filled Mexican food)  The servings were enormous and I got a double burrito for AU$7.50 and I got to try my first Budweiser beer ... it was similar to a lot of other beers I have tried (not sure what all the fuss is about).

We then ventured through the glamorous streets of Santa Barbara and went to a beer brewery that was also a pub ... tried a horrible beer that was very dark and some girls got a blonde (light coloured beer) that I considered to be undrinkable (the smell and taste were both disgusting), however, one of the UK girls managed to finished hers ... I also tried some fruit cider that was colourless but very nice.