Day 30 - 25/07/2002 - London UK

Had a late start to the day, but headed into the city for lunch.  Finally had some Yum Cha (it is referred to as Dim Sum here) which I had been craving - got a few dishes for around AU$10 which was good value.

Spent the rest of the day doing the museums - most of the Museums here in London are free at the moment - apparently because the government decided to subsidise the museums in the last budget, which is very wise for education and tourism for the country.  So, I got to whisk through a number of museums for free (which would normally would have cost something around AU$50) ... however, I could easily have spent a lot more time in each of these museums.

The Victoria And Albert Museum had a replica of the Statue Of David ... and it was as great as I had told it would be - firstly, it was very big ... secondly, it had amazing detail ... and thirdly, it was very big ... also, did I mention how big it is?  Somehow this statue just seems very big and impressive and the detail is beautiful.  It was a plaster cast replica (apparently, they got permission to make a cast of the original and then replicate it), in fact, the V&A has two fantastic rooms packed of amazing plaster casts - a must see ... it was the most spectacular few hundred square meters of space that I have ever seen.

MOVIE: VNA Museum Replica Room [MPG 590KB]

The Natural History Museum had an "average" dinosaur section (a little disappointing), but it had a great "hands-on" area that taught me a lot about the human body.

The Science Museum had some great hands-on areas ... I could have spent hours more playing with some of these things (and I only saw a fraction of what was available).

Greg, Dennis, Paul and I had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.  It was classy and massively over-priced @ approx. AU$100 per head ... a little bit silly for an average amount of average food - we could have gotten much better value elsewhere, but it was an experience and it was nice to spend time with Dennis and Paul before we leave London tomorrow.

After dinner, we went for a walk along the River Thames and over the Tower Bridge.  It is always interesting to see a city at night as well as during the day.