Day 3 - 28/06/2002 - Singapore

Slow to start this morning - decided to relax.

Went shopping @ Orchid Road - it is like Westfield after Westfield.  Got a $2 Laksa - it was average (compared to Sydney city Laksas), but good value.

Greg arrived.  Went shopping @ SunTec City Mall, the home of the worlds biggest fountain, so we went to see the multi-media laser show (broadcast on the fountain) - it was a major disappointment (the show and the fountain).

Went to look at the exclusive Raffles Hotel (approx $1000 per night), and they definitely want to keep the riff-raff out ... when I got to the door to have a look inside the hotel foyer, the doormen blocked the door and told me that I could not enter while wearing shorts - I presume they did not expect me to get naked.

Had dinner at a Thai restaurant.  They suggested that one small dish, at only $10, would be enough for Greg and I.  I was excited at the good value, only to discover the size of the dish was about the same as a Sydney Thai dish ... and she thought that would be enough for Greg and I!!! well, she underestimated our appetites as we continued to order after polishing off the first dish.