Day 26 - 22/07/2002 - Paris, London UK [Day 17 of Contiki Tour]

Had a good breakfast (including chocolate croissants again) before departing on the final leg of our trip.  Today was mainly going to be a driving day from Paris to London, but we did get one stop at a French/Canadian War Memorial.

The bus ride was fun, because I think most of us felt as though we really know each other well (after spending 17 days together), and I know that many friendships have been formed and I hope to continue to develop these friendships over the years (despite the fact that we live so far away from each other, but that is why technology like email is so good).

In London, we have a few hours before meeting Dennis (to stay at his place in London), so we went to the National Museum (which was just around the corner from where the bus dropped us off).  My Lonely Planet book recommended the Museum as a "must-see", it looked large and I was excited ... however, I managed to work my way though the whole museum in about 1 hour ... disappointingly I feel as though the museum was 99.9% corridors and stairs with about 0.1% of the area containing museum artefacts.   I am exaggerating, but I think that after going to places like Rome and seeing cities full of artefacts, the museum just didn't have as much impact with comparatively only a few items. I was, however, impressed to see the Rosetta stone on display ... I thought it would have been hidden away from public sight under lock and key.

MOVIE: Reading Room [MPG 330KB]

Had dinner with some Contiki people.  The meal was not as expensive as I feared it might have been - we had pizza at a food chain called Garfunkle's - the price was similar to Sydney prices.

Went back to Dennis' and had a good time sharing some of our stories with Dennis, Louise and Brendan - they already knew most of them from looking at the web site - I am so glad that people are keeping in touch by looking at this electronic diary and photo album.  After talking to them, I realised ... WOW! I really have done a lot in the last month ... and there is still almost another month of travel ahead!

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