Day 24 - 19/07/2002 - Bordeaux, Paris France [Day 15 of Contiki Tour]

Some people were still sick and the bus was not leaving on time, so I decided to travel with some people on the train to Paris ... it had several advantages, primarily the fact that it only took about a third of the time (about 3 hours on the train versus about 9 hours on the bus) - this gave me more time to do things in Paris.

Got to see the Eiffel Tower and went all the way to the top.  This was one of the highlights of the trip so far, because the views were absolutely amazing.  I can not believe that they were thinking of tearing this structure down. Also, it was great value for only AU$5 to walk up the first two stories and then only another AU$5 to catch the lift all the way to the top.  I would not bother going to the top again (because there are restricted views and it is, in my opinion, better on the second level.  The crowds got a bit annoying - lining up to go up and down and sometimes lining up to get a particular view/photo.  Overall, I highly recommend the Eiffel Tower.

MOVIE: Going Up The Eiffel Tower [MPG 170KB], View From The Eiffel Tower [MPG 220KB], View From The Eiffel Tower 2 [MPG 230KB], Going Down The Eiffel Tower [MPG 110KB]

Went on a night tour that showed us all the main sights (and most of them were light up) which looked really good.  One of the buildings that we pasted was the Louvre (Art Museum) where the Mona Lisa is - I knew this place was famous, but I had no idea how massive it is ... firstly, the building is possibly one of the biggest buildings I have even seen in my life and secondly, I was told that if you spent just one minute looking at each of the artworks, it would take you nine months!  This is one place I will go to tomorrow, but I am not sure how I will contain myself.

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