Day 23 - 18/07/2002 - Spain, Bordeaux France [Day 14 of Contiki Tour]

Today was mainly a driving day.  It was was especially frustrating for some people who are not feeling well and it reminds me about how thankful I should be to God for keeping me well throughout this trip - obviously, being unwell can really make the trip unenjoyable.

Besides 2 basic pit stops, we got to visit Carcassone, "the most medieval place on the planet".  It looks exactly like what we see in Medieval movies.  An interesting story behind the history of this place - apparently some army tried to overtake this place (which is surrounded by tall walls and towers), and the community was running very short of food and would soon be defeated, however, a clever lady collected everybody's food (which was only one cup of corn) ... and then she fed it to a pig!  Everybody was ready to kill her, but she told them to trust her and she threw the pig over the walls and it exploded and all the corn came out ... the attacking army saw the corn come out of the pig and the army was short food and they thought "if they can feed a mere pig so much corn, they must have a lot more food left" ... the army thought they had no chance and withdrew from the attack.


Arrived at Bordeaux, France.  Not a lot to do here, and most people are sick or tired (not sick and tired of each other or the trip).  Dinner was particularly poor, especially since we are in France - one of the good food capitals of the world - a lot of people did not come to dinner (sick) and a few left (once they saw what there was for dinner) and decided to search for better cuisine outside of the hotel.

People dropped in and out of our room (again) and got my hair dyed (again) - this time it went a lighter shade of ginger ... hmm, next time I think we will go for straight bleach and go blonde.

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