Day 21 - 16/07/2002 - Nice, Barcelona Spain [Day 12 of Contiki Tour]

Got less than 4 hours sleep and I am ready for a nap on the long bus ride to Barcelona.

Breakfast included fresh croissants, which are always beautiful, but the orange juice tasted like it had too much dishwashing liquid mixed in with it (according to one person, it had "a bit of a kick to it").

We left Nice, and the weather was good - we got to drive past the beach and the whole area looked fantastic.  This place seems like a great holiday destination and I would love to come back here with better weather.

This was our longest bus ride so far and w didn't get to do much except two service stops before arriving in Barcelona.  There was some entertainment when my inflatable neck pillow developed a leak and a few people on the bus tried to fix it McGuyver style by using little bits and pieces they could find.  Amazingly, Elizabeth in her bag had everything except the kitchen sink (which actually would have been helpful to isolate the location of the whole) and Ben finally seems to have fixed the whole using a number of items that include (but are not limited to) chewing gum, alfoil, nail polish, glue, saliva and bandaids.

Went to see La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona's most famous building that began construction in 1882 and is not yet half built - the master Goudi, died in a tram accident in 1926 and it seems that the rest of the Spanish population is working hard to try and imitate his amazing work. The church has an "original" side (constructed by Goudi) which is utterly amazing (see photos) and there is a "modern" side (which had been constructed by countless other people since Goudi's death).

Dinner at the hotel was buffet style, but the quality and range of food was not great.

MOVIE: Sangrada Familia [MPG 120KB], Sangrada Familia - New [MPG 160KB]

At night, we went into the city and did the walk down La Rambla - the "Gothic" walk ... these streets are filled with gothic style buildings and they play eerie music in the background which makes the experience really scary (especially when it is coupled with the fear of prevalent pick-pocketers).

Finished the night at Maremagnum, a centre with about ten night clubs.  Got to have some traditional Sangria and another night of dancing. Got a taxi ride home and the taxi driver was young and liked loud music - the music in the taxi was louder than in the nightclub.  The "Rocky" theme "Eye Of The Tiger" came on and he turned up the music!  I always find it funny that people who do not understand English are always listening to music sung in English (they do not understand thew words, but they love the music anyhow).

MOVIE: Dancing 1 [MPG 260KB], Dancing 2 [MPG 230KB], Dancing 3 [MPG 260KB], Dancing 4 [MPG 230KB]

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