Day 20 - 15/07/2002 - Nice France [Day 11 of Contiki Tour]

Today is a rest day - all day free time in beautiful sunny Nice to enjoy the world famous beaches, which would normally be great except ... it is raining.

Slept in and had breakfast at McDonald's because we missed the hotel breakfast (apparently it was a good one this morning ... oh well, we can try it at the same hotel tomorrow morning).

Walked down to the beach (still raining!!!) and had a fantastic lunch near the beach.  The are heaps of great restaurants near the beach - and because there are so many of them, the prices are low and quality of food is really great. For lunch, we had a three course meal - you could choose from various entrees, mains and desserts - I got seafood salad for entree, fish with white sauce and vegetables for main course and chocolate cake white cream and custard for dessert ... all this (with complimentary bread and water) for only AU$25, which is exception value for a very filling and good quality meal.  Surprisingly, the service was very good - I was expecting all "French" people to be rude (from what many people have told me), but all of our waiting staff we very nice to us and went out of their way to give us service that was above my expectation. The service at last nights dinner (around the corner from the hotel) was not so good ... I forgot to mention that the lady was really rude to us, and I was scared that it was going to be the experience throughout France, but now I am convinced otherwise - like all countries and nationalities, you can not generalise ... there are "Nice" people (no pun intended) and there are people who are not so nice.

The rain continued and we were looking for things to do ... suddenly, the beauty therapist genes in the females started to flare ... they decided that they were going to dye my hair!  It is something that I had be thinking of doing (on-and-off again) for a long time, but always found an excuse not to do it, but since I was on holidays, I thought ... why not?  We knew that we were unlikely to get to a blonde colour with our first attempt (since my hair is so dark), so we just gave it a go to see how light my hair would go.  After several hours, I ended up with a nice golden bronze colour (well, that is what I think, but some others think I look like Ronald McDonald). It looks a bit funny, but I like it since it is something different and I am on holidays.  Sometime later in the trip I think I will dye it again and see what it looks like if I go lighter again???

MOVIE: Hair Dying [MPG 990KB], Hair Dying - Part 2 [MPG 990KB]

For dinner, we went back down beach to check out another one of the great restaurants. I had a real craving for Mexican Fajitas and unsurprising, it did not take long to find a suitable restaurant from the wide selection.  The Fajitas  were not that nice (I think they had too much salt or something).  For dessert, there are crepes everywhere and I wanted to have some Crepes Suzette (I had them twice before in my life and loved them) - they are prepared with Grand Marnier and orange juice ... I thought it would be no trouble to find them, but some of the crepe chefs did not know what I was asking for, so I settled for their own speciality crepes with Grand Marnier, almonds and Nutella ice-cream.  Greg's crepe had a massive overloading of Grand Marnier ... so much that "he" was actually feeling tipsy! I hate to think how drunk other customers have walked away after innocently ordering some crepes for dessert.

Went back to the hotel and our room became a bit of a "drop-in" centre as we played cards, listened to music, watched TV and chatted etc ... Greg wanted some sleep and we kicked everyone out ... until Greg finally got to sleep and there were more knocks on the door.  Greg finally got woken up when he got a big slap on the bum from his new found friend Chris who like to attack Greg ... ha ha, I guess you had to be there.

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