Day 2 - 27/06/2002 - Singapore

It is great to be on holidays!

Woke up a bit cold ... trying to get the damn air conditioner right.  Thought I might have caught a cold ... until I walked out into the unbearable heat of outside.

Jumped on the "hop-on" bus, which is only $3 for unlimited use around the city for a day.

Stopped at China Town and got some yum-cha (prawn gow gee) form only $1.  Seafood Laksa's are only $2+ (but the temperature is too hot for that now).

Walked around the shops and saw some cheap clothing.  I noticed that most of the shops were closed ... some shops here open around 10am or 11am (if you are lucky), but they do open until 9pm+

For curiosity, checked the price of the digital camera I bought in Sydney.  Canon Powershot S30 RRP$1499 in Sydney, bargained down to $1210, then got it for approx $1100 duty free - here in Singapore, saw it on the shelf for AU$850 :( and as I went to leave the shop the guy offered it to me for AU$800 without me bargaining (image what I could have got it for if I bargained?)

Interestingly, everybody here is telling me that I need to bargain with people - this is hilarious, considering I am well know in Sydney for already trying to bargain a lot.

Went to the zoo.  Quite good for only $9.  Plenty of apes/monkeys, which always interests me.  Feeding times and elephant rides were good.  Got my first kiss ... from a seal.  Felt really sorry for the Polar Bears.  I was dying from the heat, so I can't imagine how hard they were finding it, considering they are meant to be in sub-zero temperatures?

MOVIE: Baboons [MPG 250KB], Leopard Swimming [MPG 350KB], Monkey Feeding [MPG 350KB]

Then, something worse than the heat ... RAIN!

Fortunately it did not last too long, but the heat came back quick :)

Have I mentioned the heat yet?

Had dinner at a reasonable buffet.  All you can eat satay sticks :) and waffles with ice-cream.  It was suitable at the tome for $20.

At night, went to the night safari (next to the zoo). I have heard people rave about this night safari, but it did not meet up to my expectations, I mean ... IT WAS DARK!!!

I could not see as much as I would have liked.  I went on one of the walks, and could see basically nothing ... I think you are meant to stand and wait and hope to see some shadows, but I didn't have the patience.  The tram ride was better, driving past some lit areas, but it looked really strange, because the animals were just sitting in the lit area, as if they were on display.  I wondered if the animals were real, and if so, what cruel techniques did they use to make the animals just stay in one spot (rather than run into the wilderness).

I saw the free show/performance (outside the park), which was better than the paid park entry.

Maybe I was just tried from a long day?

I feel like I could do with a good massage.

Met quite a few nice people through out the day - mostly Australians, but some NZ and Yanks too - from experience, I will probably bump into them again :)