Day 19 - 14/07/2002 - Florence, Pisa Italy, Monaco, Nice France & The French Riviera [Day 10 of Contiki Tour]

Breakfasts are getting worse, as today included a stale plastic wrapped croissant with some type of jam inside.  I didn't starve because there was other bread, and our first stopped included some take-away pizza.

Stopped at Pisa to see the leaning tower.  It was better than I thought.  Most people have said to me that when you get there you will say "is that it?  Let's go now" - however, I thought it was a nice.  I did not realise that there are a few other buildings very close to the tower - like less than 50 meters away - whenever you see a picture of the tower of Pisa, it looks as though it is standing all by itself with nothing else near it.  Tried to take some interesting photos, but lost interest because of lack of sleep and time.

MOVIE: Pisa [MPG 200KB]

Contiki took us to a perfumery.  We went for a tour where they showed us how perfume is made ... however, it is Sunday, so no one was working.  The tour lady explained the occupation of a "Nose" (someone who has to study for 10 years to be able to uniquely identify a few thousand different scents) - they can not drink any alcohol, smoke, or eat spicy foods and can only work for about 2 hours a day ... a very unusual job.

Drove past Monaco, which we are scheduled to visit tomorrow.  It looks very pretty and a place for the rich.  Saw a massive boat (amongst the countless boats) in the harbour.

Arrive in Nice (for two days) in an average hotel ... but it has the essentials - TV and reasonable shower. Nice is very pretty and looks like a good holiday destination.

It is Bastille Day (French National Independence Day), and we are in France! There was meant to be some live music and fireworks n the beach (near where we are staying), but the rain stopped that - it was a real shame, because we were looking forward to being a part of a good celebration, but there was no one around (because of the bad weather). We ended up visiting a casino which mainly consisted of poker machines (the area with roulette, blackjack etc cost about AU$15 to enter, but we didn't think it was worth it).

MOVIE: Street Performers [MPG 790KB]

Visited a local bar, but it was nothing special and we got sick of trying to walk around in the rain so we ventured home - could not find a taxi so we jumped on a bus, but we didn't know where it was going and we were not sure when to get off - someone insisted that we stay on the bus longer until someone pointed out that the hotel was just outside the window, so we eventually got home fine.

It was still relatively early, so I hung out in one of the girls rooms.  The girls decided that they wanted to give me a make-over and pulled out some strange instrument ... it was an eyelash curler.  They curled my eyelashes and applied mascara ... they wanted to do a lot more, but the fun stoped there (for tonight) ... hmm, I wonder what other strange things they will want to do to me?

MOVIE: Curling Eyelashes - Introduction [MPG 990KB], Curling Eyelashes - Part 2 [MPG 990KB], Curling Eyelashes - Part 3 [MPG 990KB]

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