Day 16 - 11/07/2002 - Austria, Venice Italy [Day 7 of Contiki Tour]

Went white water rafting in Austria.  Beautiful view of the mountains and we travelled down the river.  I have been before, and this trip was a bit less difficult, but they choose this one because not many people in the group have been before, however, it was fun because we got to play some games on the water (since it was not always very rough) - for example, kidnapping people from the other boats.

Lunch at some service stop on a highway - it had surprisingly good value and good quality food.  Got a tortellini bosciola (or very something similar) for AU$7 - which is good for somewhere in the middle of nowhere ... and it was nice - finally some good tortellini bosciola in Italy.

Stopped in Verona (Italy) and saw a mini-colosseum that is in slightly better condition than the main colosseum.  Visited "Juliet's Balcony", where Shakespeare supposedly got the inspiration to write "Romeo and Juliet".  Basically walked around and looked at other big old buildings - Italy still does not cease to amaze me.

Hotel is nice - big and Venetian style (lots of marble or imitation marble).  Dinner @ the hotel was lettuce salad, penne with a traditional red sauce, chicken with potatoes with bread. I arrived late and did not realise that everyone had to buy there own drinks (including water) ... I arrived at the table and thought that I would be nice and I picked up a large bottle of water and started filling up everyone's glass with water, some people looked really uncomfortable and some even said no (even though there glasses were empty) I was really confused, but I filled up my glass anyhow - little did I realise that this was someone else's personal water that I was giving to everyone else without even asking.

Spent the night in the hotel's beer garden (because we are sort of in the middle of nowhere, since staying in Venice is very expensive).  It was Megan's birthday, so we had quite a bit of vino (wine) and had a good night. I started to get bitten by mosquito's, so I said I was going to go get some "Rid" to put on ... "Rid" is well known in Australia as being a good mosquito repellent, however, in America, the same named product is used for problems with lice ... this led to endless jokes from my American friends as they did not believe me about the real purpose of "Rid".

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