Day 14 - 09/07/2002 - Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Munich Germany [Day 5 of Contiki Tour]

Left scenic Switzerland and stopped in Liechtenstein (a country which is only 6km wide).  Not much to say about this place, but I got a map from the information stand and the whole country looked about as big as the Pitt St Mall in Sydney.

MOVIE: Singing [MPG 200KB], Singing 2 [MPG 260KB]

Arrived in Munich, Germany and went to the centre of the shops, Marienplatz, where the famous Glockenspiel clock is located.  Watched the show at the top of the clock and it was a major disappointment - had to struggle to stay awake.  It was 15 minutes of little figurines monotonously going around in a slow circle while there was some hypnotic music going on in the background.  Everyone thought it was a waste of time.  As another comparison, I think the silly clock in Sydney's Pitt St Mall was better than the Glockenspiel (and that is not saying much).

MOVIE: Glockenspiel [MPG 150KB]

Went shopping for ages, trying to find a German soccer jersey for someone from Sydney.  Tried about 10 major department stores and sporting stores, but everyone was sold out and would not have any more stock for another month (which didn't help me much).

Went to one of the largest beer halls in the world, the Hofbrauhaus. This place was chaotic ... waiters running around everywhere.  You could not get drinks from the bar - you had to be seated, and it took ages for waiters to give you any time because they were always running around. Had some of the infamous 1 litre beers - one of our guys managed to polish off 6 of them! It was one of the girls birthdays, and the German band played happy birthday for her and got her to pretend to be a "conductor" (which was nice) ... then some weird looking German (dressed in traditional German clothing) insisted to have a photo taken with her ... I am not sure if he worked there or if he was just some psycho.

MOVIE: Natalie - Conductor [MPG 450KB]

Had dinner at the beer hall.  Had German sausages with sauerkraut and mash potatoes, which was a bit too much ... like, one sausage was ok, but after four of them, you do not feel so good.  I can not understand how they can eat this kind of a meal all the time.  For dessert, I had some lovely apple strudel with some cream sauce.

Went back to the hotel and had a great "chatting session" in one of the girls rooms.  Had a lot of fun, like most of the conversations.  Greg was hit with a lot of questions ... which he could have answered better.

Today I got to have conversations with most of the people that I haven't had a chance to talk to much before, so now I am feeling good about knowing most people - everyone is really nice (which is statistically amazing) - I will endeavour to reach anyone else I have not spoken to and continue to get to know the great people I have already spent time with.

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