Day 13 - 08/07/2002 - Switzerland [Day 4 of Contiki Tour]

Spent the day in Switzerland @ the Swiss Alps.  Took a train up the steep mountain to approx 1500m above see level.  Did a walk along the mountain enjoying the remarkable view.  Had fun on a trampoline.

MOVIE: Swiss Alps Walk [MPG 120KB], Trampoline [MPG 410KB], Trampoline 2 [MPG 180KB]

Took two sky-rails (cable-cars) back to the main road.  Saw two twin boys with one of the most ridiculous mullets I have ever seen.  I capture their hair on video and have a photo below so that the whole internet can enjoy it.

MOVIE: Mullet Twins [MPG 190KB], Mullet Twins 2 [MPG 140KB]

Went for a "dip" in the running water in the lake.  The rapid in the lake was very fast and the water temperature was extremely cold (if you put your foot in, you would lose feeling in your foot) - it was basically ice cold because it comes directly from the snow topped mountains.

MOVIE: Freezing Cold Water [MPG 390KB]

Went to a special waterfall where you can walk around it inside a cave.  It was amazing to see and hear the tremendous power of the water rushing down and through the mountain.

MOVIE: Waterfall [MPG 210KB]

Got back to the hotel for a rest.  This is the first hotel where I can not connect to the net from my room, but the nice lady at reception allowed me to use the phone connection from her computer ... for FREE!  She didn't want any money, so I bought her some chocolate.  I was especially appreciative when I realised that after being on the phone on the net I was actually occupying the only phone line into and out of the hotel.  My opinion of the service at this hotel has risen dramatically.

Had dinner at the hotel/pub down the road, The Overland (recommended by the local youth hostel). I had a cheese fondue.  It was nice, but by the end of it, I felt like I had too much cheese.

For desert I got some crepes.  At the hotel they have a crepe making service with a set menu, however, one of the girls suggested using a toblerone (melted in the crepe), so I quickly bought one and the chef made a delicious crepe with melted toblerone and bananas.

Spent the rest of the night chatting with people in the beer garden.  Some of the other guys copped some of the questions that I had to endure last night ... and the girls had to answer questions too this time.

Greg can walk on his foot again, but it looks as though it might cause him some pain in the following days (especially if he is going to do much walking).

This area is beautiful, I would like to come back in winter sometime (for snow skiing).  This hotel is nice, there are probably better ones, but in our TV lounge here, there is free sherry - most people do a little celebration when they find out ... so, as I complete today's diary entry, I am sipping some free sherry and thinking about tomorrow.

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