Day 13 - 15/08/2003

More relaxing:

After experiencing first hand, the below average ski conditions yesterday, we decided to spend the day enjoying Queenstown and experiencing the joy of relaxing on holidays ... for example, eating and watching movies.

The Fergberger:

For lunch, we tried the famous "Fergburger" establishment, which had no seating, so we got one of their take-away burgers and ate it in the food court (facing McDonalds).  These Fergburgers are around $10, but mine was $12, so I was (of course) expecting it to be fantastic (or made of gold) ... however, these burgers were not much than the $3 burgers available at McDonalds (which I looked at the whole time while eating my $12 burger) - the owners of Fergburger must be making a mint out of all the tourists that hand over their hard-earned cash to be fooled into eating a $12 burger - never again!

The Movies:

In the afternoon, we went to the movies and watched the new "Italian Job".  I was sitting next to Greg who did his usual (and annoying) moaning and groaning during the movie to express his unhappiness, but surprisingly, at the end of the movie he asked us what we thought and revealed that he changed his mind and would give the movie a 10 out of 10?


For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant and I was thoroughly impressed.  As has been common in Queenstown, the prices are a bit more expensive than Sydney (but this understandable as it is a tourist destination), however, the quality of the food was world class.  We even got to sit in traditional seating, that had a pit for our legs (see photos - the steam from our food makes one of the photos less clear).

Some people enjoyed some Saki and you can see the effects that this crazy drink has on people by looking at the photos of David below.