Day 12 - 14/08/2003
Queenstown, "The Remarkables" Ski Field


Today, we braved the conditions and headed to the ski fields.  Are expectations were low, and our expectations were not exceeded.  We went to "The Remarkables" ski field - a ski field that would be fantastic ... if they actually had some snow.  Regardless, we had a fun day and everyone improved as the slopes here were more challenging than most of the areas we are accustomed to at home (at the New South Wales ski fields) - I can see how these areas could be a lot more fun in better conditions.

This resort also sported a lot more features for snow-boarders and, although I was on skis, a stranger on our ski lift encouraged me to try some of the items in the amusement park.  This stranger was training to become an instructor, so he gave me some pointers and I pushed aside me fears and went on "the box" - an obstacle that you jump and slide on ... it was not so bad - I expected some of my fellow skiers to follow ... but none of them did.

We also had the chance to meet up with John Dooley (from the Contiki tour), who happened to be at the same ski field and spent a lot of the day skiing with him - it is great to be able to meet up with people again after the tour.

The Drive:

The drive home was almost as treacherous as the way up.  The roads are windy, thin and have no barricades - and the situation is not helped by the fact that some maniacs speed and overtake cars around blind corners.  I can not imagine travelling on these roads in icy conditions. 

We did, however, get some nice pictures of the magnificent area below ... the area that we could have fallen to our deaths. 


For dinner we went to the Fishbone Grill (accompanied by John Dooley).  The food was good - a little over-priced (which can be expected from Queenstown), but it is hard to complain when the quality is good.  I could not finish my meal, but I got dessert anyhow.