Day 11 - 13/08/2003


Today was declared an official day of rest - after the hectic tour and the constant driving, it was good to enjoy the other aspect of the holiday ... relaxing.

We had relaxing lunch at Winnies, sitting in front of their open fireplace and eating their recommended pizzas that were surprisingly good.  I got to try a popular New Zealand recipe that I had seen a number of times - Chicken Cranberry and Brie pizza - and it was good.  I also managed to catch a photo of their famous roof that opens and closes. 

The Spa Bath:

In the afternoon, we enjoyed the large spa bath available at our accommodation.  It was hot and bubbly ... perfect (except some jets seemed to be broken).


For dinner, we agreed on having Chinese, which was interesting, as David insists that people outside of big cities do not know how to cook Chinese food ... the rest of us disagree.  After careful selection, we did select one of the Chinese restaurants, but unfortunately it was not very good.  Admittedly, we ordered dishes that were not on their menu, so we did stretch the chef, but the established guaranteed that it would not be a problem.  We were all disappointed that the one time we managed to get David to a Chinese restaurant outside of the "big city", we managed to pick one that was crap.