Day 10 - 12/08/2003
Christchurch, Queenstown

The Drive:

After spending the last 9 days driving around, and the last 7 days on an exhausting tour, we had the pleasure of driving another 6 or so hours back to Queens town to enjoy the ski fields (which currently have basically no snow).  It was a trip that I didn't really want to do on this particular day, but we made the most of it and the time in the car together gave us plenty of opportunities to brainstorm various business opportunities that would help us to become financially independent and maybe afford to come back to New Zealand when there actually is some snow.

The drive seemed like a massive dose of Déjà Vu because all the scenery and stops seems the same - we had now covered this ground a number of times and there were not many alternative routes.  Interestingly, some areas did look different depending on the lighting and/or amount of snow on the mountains, so this did provide for an excuse to take some more photos.


For dinner, we went to Sombreros Mexican Restaurant.  Firstly, we were in the mood for Mexican food and secondly, one of our favourite Mexican restaurants in Sydney is "Sombreros" @ Cronulla - coincidentally, the signage (e.g. the logo) is exactly the same at both establishments, so we thought that there may be some connection and that we could enjoy the great Mexican food that we enjoyed at home ... this was not to be.  The fajitas were heavily over-priced and small in quantity and low in quality.  There was obviously no connection between these two restaurants as Cronulla's fajitas are huge, good value and great quality.  We mentioned to the waitress that there was another Sombreros, which she obviously was unaware of (especially considering that she seemed to be an overseas tourist getting some spare money as she back-packs around the world), however, she did  ask us which one was better ... I was about to honestly answer the question, but George quickly interrupted and diplomatically said "they are both different".